Southeastern US Tornado Outbreak

ITDRC is responding to the recent tornado outbreak across Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. 

Teams are providing connectivity and technical support to public safety agencies and survivors staying in shelters.

California Statewide Snow and Flooding Events

California has seen a string of historic storms that forced evacuations, and have stranded residents in their homes without power and other vital resources.

Members from our Region 9 Team have been working alongside our carrier partners AT&T and T-Mobile to provide temporary connectivity and charging stations to those displaced.

AL / GA Tornado Outbreak

ITDRC continues to support communities across the south as they recover from January's tornado outbreak as they work their way into long term recovery.

Hurricane Ian

ITDRC teams continue supporting community recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 storm that struck the western coast of Florida in late September. 

Eastern Kentucky Flooding

ITDRC teams are providing communications and technology resources across
Eastern Kentucky which experienced historic flooding in July 2022.

Ukraine Crisis

ITDRC is providing compute devices, networking equipment, and engineering support to our non-profit partners and other organizations providing critical services to those fleeing Ukraine.