Hurricane Idalia

ITDRC is responding to Florida and Georgia after Hurricane Idalia made landfall in the Big Bend region of Florida. 

Teams are providing emergency communications, WiFi connectivity, and cell phone charging stations in shelters and command canters, and performing assessments for unmet communications and technical needs.

Hawaiʻi Wildfires

ITDRC is responding to wildfires in Hawaiʻi. 

Teams are providing direct support for public safety, survivors, and community recovery. We've established a field office on Maui to enable us to continuously assess and respond to unmet needs identified during recovery.

See WiFi Hotspots and Charging Stations locations:

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Pacific Northwest Wildfires

ITDRC is responding to multiple wildfires in the states of Washington and Oregon, including the Newell Road, Golden, and Bedrock Fires

Response Teams are providing connectivity to support fire operations, as well as critical infrastructure impacted by a regional communications outage in Lake County, Oregon.

Southeastern US Tornado Outbreak

ITDRC continues to support community recovery efforts following Spring tornado outbreaks in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas. 

Teams are providing communications and technical support to public safety agencies and community recovery efforts.

Hurricane Ian

ITDRC teams continue supporting community recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian, a Category 4 storm that struck the western coast of Florida in late September. 

Eastern Kentucky Flooding

ITDRC teams continue providing communications and technology resources for recovery across Eastern Kentucky which experienced historic flooding in July 2022.