West Texas Wildfires

ITDRC is working with the State of Texas' Disaster Recovery Task Force to provide support for communities and survivors impacted by the Eastland Complex Fire.

Southern States Tornado Outbreak

Teams from Region 4 and 6 are assessing unmet needs and responding to requests for WiFi and charging stations after a series of severe storms moved from Texas eastward, spawning dozens of tornadoes in a 72 hour period.

Ukraine Crisis

ITDRC is providing compute devices, networking equipment, and engineering support to our non-profit partners and other organizations providing critical services to those fleeing Ukraine.

Midwest Tornado Outbreak

Teams are responding to the severe weather outbreak that occurred across 7 states from December 10th to 11th. Working with local first responders, emergency management, and our partners, ITDRC is providing connectivity and charging stations to support response operations.

Hurricane Ida

ITDRC is responding to Hurricane Ida in Southeastern Louisiana, working closely with local emergency management to establish charging stations and WiFi Hotspots around the region.