Hurricane Ian

ITDRC teams responding the Hurricane Ian that struck the western coast of Florida in late September. Teams are working to provide WiFi hotspots and charging stations to those affected.

Hurricane Fiona

ITDRC is responding to Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico. Teams are assessing damage and repairing projectConnect hotspots that were installed in response to COVID to ensure free and open WiFi remains available to those who need it.

Eastern Kentucky Flooding

ITDRC teams are providing communications and technology resources across
Eastern Kentucky which recently experienced historic flooding.

New Mexico Wildfires

Teams from Region 6 are responding to the Hermit's Peak and Calf Canyon Fires in New Mexico, providing Internet Connectivity, WiFi, and a Call Center for evacuees, responding agencies, and Firefighters.

Uvalde (TX) Community Recovery

ITDRC teams are working with the State of Texas' Disaster Recovery Task Force and community organizations to provide support to the town of Uvalde after a tragic school shooting.

Ukraine Crisis

ITDRC is providing compute devices, networking equipment, and engineering support to our non-profit partners and other organizations providing critical services to those fleeing Ukraine.