Hurricane Delta

ITDRC personnel assigned to Hurricane Laura have been evacuated from the anticipated path of Hurricane Delta until the storm clears the Lake Charles, Louisiana area.

Response Teams will resume operations and begin assessments as soon as it is safe to re-enter the region.

Wildfires - CA, OR, WA

ITDRC teams have been engaged on a number of large wildfires, providing critical connectivity, temporary backhaul for carrier operations, and WiFi to Evacuees, Relief organizations, and First Responders. Our UAS Team is also providing both street level and aerial damage assessments for the Creek Fire in Fresno, CA. The detailed imagery allows property damage and infrastructure assessments to be completed remotely and in a safe manner.

Hurricanes Laura & Sally

Our crews continue to support operations in Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama after Hurricanes Laura and Sally. We are supporting a number of public safety facilities with temporary connectivity, as well as local and national nonprofit organizations with connectivity to support both commodity distribution and relief operations. To date, we’ve received more than 75 support requests, and have assigned 17 personnel to the response