ITDRC maintains a distributed cache of communications equipment and surge technology assets to meet the short and long term needs of a community during the Response and Recovery phases. Most resources are available for immediate deployment on our NIMS Type I, II, III, and IV Mobile Technology Units; through our Tech Task Force (TTF), or from our National Disaster Relief Coordination Center (NDRCC).

  • Voice/Data Infrastructure

  • Notebooks / Tablets

  • Workstations / Servers

  • Copy / Scan / Printers

  • CCTV / Video / AV

  • Wireless Connectivity

  • VSAT & LTE Connectivity

  • LMR Radios / Repeaters

  • Satellite Programming

  • Analog, Cell, SATCOM, and VoIP Telephony

  • Voice / Video Teleconference

Our diverse roster of service oriented, technical subject matter experts and generalists is our secret sauce. All stand ready to support community response and recovery through field deployment or remote operations.

  • COML, COMT, AUXCOMM, and Critical Infrastructure Systems (CIS)

  • Network Engineering, Installation, and Maintenance

  • Analog & VoIP Telephony Installation & Management

  • Systems Engineering, Administration, and Support

  • Wireless Infrastructure Installation and Support

  • End User Support – Hardware / Software

  • Satellite Broadcast & VSAT Installation & Support

  • RF Communications Tech / Spectrum Management

  • Audio / Video Installation & Integration

  • GIS Mapping & Geospatial Technology Integration

  • Data Collection / Management / Database Admin

  • Tech/Functional Analysis/Process Improvement